How to #Manifest the Fudge Out of Shizzle in 5 Minutes

manifest-the-fudge-out-of-shizzle-social-mediaOk, so we both know that you don’t have loads of time in the mornings to do lots of meditation and “getting in tune” with yourself. But did you know that you could just spend five minutes manifesting things before breakfast, and then get on with your day? No problem!

Manifesting is the process of turning your thoughts into reality.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but you could try out this simple five step process.

Step 1) Define.

Before you start write down what your goal is. Write it down, in the present tense as if you have already received what you are visualising.

e.g. “I now have that thing that I wanted.”

Ask for what you do want and not what you don’t want. So don’t ask the universe;

“Please can you stop me being so broke?”

Try visualising that you already have the thing that you want to achieve, be, have or feel. Imagine how that would feel to you. Focus on the feeling. And be specific. For example,

“My income increases to xxx per month.”

Step 2) Decide and Discover.

Decide to discover anything that’s preventing you from getting what you want. Release any limiting beliefs. Say to yourself, out loud or in your mind;

“I am now willing to release any limiting beliefs or subconscious blocks that are preventing me from manifesting my wish.”

Step 3) Trust.

Expect it to work. Know that the universe is going to sort it out. Believe that you are ready to receive. Then say to yourself;

“I know that the universe has got this. I trust that the universe has got this. I am now ready to receive. I deserve to receive. And so I do.”

Step 4) Wait Cheerfully.

Be patient. Don’t worry. Remain calm! Relax. Everything is unfolding as it should.

Say to yourself;

“I have given my intention to the universe. I’m cool with that.

I am more and more mentally calm and more and more physically relaxed while I wait for the universe to do its thing. I let it go. I trust the process. Make it so!”

Step 5) Say thank you and let it go – like this:

“Thank you universe.”

So that’s it; define, decide, discover, trust, wait cheerfully and say thank you. Got that? No. It’s a little bit much to remember right? It would be better if someone would just record it as a five minute guided meditation and then give it to you to listen to each day, right?

Ok, so I did that already and you can download the MP3 for free. 🙂 For best results listen to it with headphones. The beautiful, meditative music is by Viking Trance. You may like to let me know what you’re planning to manifest by leaving me a comment below.

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