How to Meditate Daily, Even if You Can’t be Bothered

Do something today that your future selfMeditation can reduce anxiety and stress and improve creativity, compassion, memory and emotional stability… But I never get around to doing it regularly. So I asked for a volunteer from my Special Sauce Facebook Group to become my “accountability buddy” for a 10 day meditation challenge: Could you meditate once a day every day for 10 days?

10 Day Meditation Challenge

Nancy agreed to join me and we used the free app from But if you don’t use an app or a download all you really have to do to meditate is concentrate on your breathing for 10 minutes. If you notice your mind wandering, just bring your attention back to your breath. By reporting my progress to Nancy in the Facebook group each day I was less likely to get lazy and skip a day. Incidentally, I have never met Nancy, I just ‘met’ her on Facebook because of this challenge! Here’s a diary of how we did.

Day 1.

So, I meditated this morning – before the kids woke up! It was easy listening to Headspace, but you can also try a guided ‪meditation download, or simply just “be” and focus on your breathing. Don’t worry if your mind is busy, that happens to everyone (except very advanced Buddhist monks!)

Day 2.

I listened to Headspace before breakfast and Nancy wrote on Facebook that her session was very good.

“OH didn’t quite get the concept of me having 10 minutes to myself but he’ll get clear instructions tomorrow. Glad you introduced me to this. Very empowering!”

Day 3.

(c) Headspace
(c) Headspace

Andy Puddicombe from Headspace encourages us to “just watch the thoughts go by”. I struggled to get up early today. Nancy said, “Day three and I’m feeling SO relaxed! Brilliant!”

Day 4.

Nancy: “Day four and I am happy with life! Bring it on!”

Day four was a little more difficult for me. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, but my five year old sat next to me cross-legged saying, “Ommmm” and giggling.

Day 5.

I am definitely feeling calmer. I managed to remain calm during a five-year-old’s tantrum last night, which lasted for over an hour.

Day 6.

I listened to Headspace on the train. Tip: it doesn’t have to be at home if your morning is too busy! Nancy said, “I can’t believe it’s over half way through the introductory section. Really feeling the benefits of meditation. I may well continue with this.”

It’s really helping me having an “accountability” partner. I might not do it every day if I hadn’t committed to posting my progress in the Facebook group.

Day 7.

(c) Headspace
(c) Headspace

Andy from Headspace says the mind is like a blue sky stretching into the distance. Sometimes there are clouds, but remember the blue sky is always still there, above the clouds.

Day 8.

We paid special attention to the emotional quality of the mind today. Is it calm, happy? Or can you notice little frustrations there? It’s just about observing…

Nancy found isolating emotions difficult but was fine with the physical bit. She thought, “Maybe I’m just happy most of the time?”

Day 9.

We imagined the mind as a clear pool of water. Each rain drop that falls in creates ripples in the water. Nancy is seriously considering signing up to Headspace for the year.

“If we both do it, we can give each other a little shove when it’s needed! I do find it helps to have someone alongside.”

Day 10.

I think I am more chilled out! It’s a good habit to get into, so I I’ve decided to keep it up each day. Thanks to Nancy for joining the challenge!

Nancy: “Thank you SO much Peggy Melmoth for inviting me to share your meditation journey! I’ve really enjoyed the 10 days… much so that I’ve signed up for a year! Would never have known about it without you xxx.”

10 Day Meditation Challenge

Now it’s your turn! If you’ve ever considered taking up meditation but struggled to commit to doing it daily try this:

  1. Accountability

Visit the School of Special Sauce on Facebook and invite people to become your accountability partner. If you get more than one reply, form an accountability group! Post your request in the Facebook group and link to this article.

  1. Choose your meditation method

You could try Headspace, the free app or this free 5 minute meditation download that I wrote and recorded. My brother’s e-course Think Yourself Happy also includes a free meditation download – simply pay what you feel for the course, with a donation. Recently my brother introduced me to the OmHarmonics free meditation download. Binaural Beats play one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear, creating a third frequency, which exists entirely in your head!

  1. Share your progress

Visit the Facebook group daily to write a brief update confirming that you have meditated today.

(There are more meditation tips in my previous article: Meditation for People Who Can’t Stop Thinking.)

Join the School of Special Sauce on Facebook today for support and motivation in practicing gratitude, manifesting and goal setting.

Have you tried meditating? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!


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