Tascam 16Track recorder

3 Easy Ways to Record Audio-files, Voice-overs and Podcasts

Tascam 16Track recorder by IainF Creative Commons
Things have changed since this Tascam 16Track!

If you are a coach, healer, therapist, poet or online-teacher, have you considered generating passive income while you sleep, by selling your sound recordings? With the sound recording options available online right now, it’s way easier than you might think to get started. Here are three of the easiest, low-cost ways to record audio content, voice-overs and podcasts for your business.

1) Audacity

Audacity is free software that allows you to record and edit music or a voice track, and is available for Windows and Apple Macintosh. It’s popular, trusted, easy to learn and perfect for voice recordings and podcasts. You can also record musical instruments or import ready-recorded music. You can edit your recordings and add many special effects, including fading in and out. (You can learn the basics of Audacity in my e-course Monetise Your MP3s.)

2) GarageBand

GarageBand is low-cost recording software that allows users to create music, podcasts and other recordings. It’s developed and sold by Apple, so it’s not available for Windows. It includes a variety of pre-made musical loops and a selection of virtual instrument sounds, which means you can create your own music within the program. As well as being available for your computer or other iOS device, there is even an iPhone app version, which means you can record and compose music on your smartphone! It doesn’t seem so long ago that I worked in a recording studio when music was recorded on a multi-track tape machine, (larger than a laundry washing machine!) on a magnetic tape that was 2 inches wide. So it’s just incredible now that you can create music on something which you keep in your pocket!

3) Your Smartphone

The sound recording quality of a modern smart phone is now surprisingly good, and most have the facility to record a voice memo. If you choose a quiet place to record you can achieve a recording of fairly reasonable quality and get it up on the internet, quickly, with no fuss and no fancy equipment. If you’ve been putting off sound recording because of a lack of time, or knowledge, this is the perfect way to get started.

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There are people out there, just waiting to hear the unique audio content that only you can create. I challenge you to start small and simple, and get a recording out onto the internet in less than an hour with my free video class: Create an Audio Download in 60 Minutes! What would you like to record? An interview, meditation, poem, tutorial, mini podcast or something else? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’d give your audience, if limited time and lack of equipment were no longer a problem.

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