4 Quick Content Ideas You Can Sell as Audio Downloads

Think what an unusual, unduplicatable thing it is to be you! Of all the people who have ever lived on this planet, not one of them is exactly like you. No one else has experienced your joys and your sorrows, and nobody’s fingerprints are exactly like yours. No one else is loved by the same combination of people that love you. You were meant to be different, and your unique life experiences have combined together and filled your mind with valuable knowledge, skills and expertise that are exclusive to you. As Dr Seuss once wrote,

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Tweet This)

Did you know that your exceptional, one-off combination of collected information is worth money? With just a laptop computer and some free recording software, (or even just using a smart phone,) anyone can turn their distinctive, personal talents and abilities into passive income from digital audio downloads.

Here are just a few inspirational ideas that you could quickly and easily turn into audio products to sell on line.

1) Inspirational Talks

Turn some of your unique life story and experience into a motivational speech that teaches other people something you’ve learned. Or try organising a short interview with an expert that interests you, and offer it to your existing clients or customers. Another helpful audio download might be a Q and A session that helps your readers or followers understand more about your individual niche topic.

2) Audio Lessons

Consider creating a tutorial or lecture that people can learn from, or a mini guide to something relevant to your existing business. You can sell a bundle of MP3s as an audio course, with PDF worksheets that complement the lessons. Learning another language is a popular choice for the audio format. Remember, busy people love to learn on the go – by using audio they can listen to your expertise on the bus or the train!

3) Holistic Health Products

You may like to offer a mini meditation, affirmations, mindfulness tips or subliminal messages. If you are trained in complimentary therapies such as hypnosis or NLP these are ideal as audio downloads. Guided visualisations, progressive relaxations and suggestions for stress relief are perfect for MP3s.

4) Creative Downloads

If you love writing try recording some performance poetry or spoken word with music. You could also write a radio play or share an extract from your novel. Other ideas could be storytelling, a cappella vocals, acoustic guitar, musical comedy or stand-up comedy.

Content Marketing

As well as selling audio downloads you can also use them for marketing. It’s easy to make an audio advert, a welcome message for your website, or an opt-in download for your email list.

If you write a blog you already have some content that you could turn into audio; just read out one of your blog posts. If you don’t write a blog try using http://answerthepublic.com to see what your potential customers are searching for online, and answer their questions in an audio recording.

Make Your First $1 From Selling Your Sounds

You can actually get started without any specialised equipment, because most smartphones now have the facility to record a voice memo, and the microphones are surprisingly good. (For example, the Apple iPhone 5 has three microphones: front, back and bottom!)

Let me show you how to monetise your unique gifts, and quirky knowledge into an audio download that you can sell for a dollar: Create an Audio Download in 60 Minutes or Less.

Now I’d like to hear from you: Which one of these four ideas would fit in best with your business? Leave me a comment below.


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