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What Denise Duffield-Thomas Can Teach us About Passive Income

Denise Duffield-Thomas Peggy MelmothThis week one of my online business heroes is holding a live event in London. This is a rare opportunity to see Denise Duffield-Thomas do a UK speaking gig, because she actually lives in Australia. She only comes to London every couple of years and the event usually sells out. I splashed out and invested in a trip to London to see her three years ago, and as you can see in the photo I was super-excited to meet her. She was lovely.

If you’re not familiar with Denise’s work, she is a money mindset mentor, empowering women to increase their earning potential. Her signature e-course, Money Bootcamp has helped over 3000 business women to overcome their money blocks and transform their ability to attract abundance. The six modules are delivered as videos, PDF transcripts, worksheets, and recorded Q&A sessions. She also provides MP3s of all the videos so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go.

Why all the MP3s?

So, why does Denise provide the content as videos, MP3s and printable transcripts? Because individual people have very different learning styles. People learn in four different ways; visual, auditory, learning by reading and writing, and physical learning, (using the body, hands and sense of touch.) Each individual may have a different, preferred style of learning. Using multiple learning styles in the way that you deliver your content makes it more accessible to more people.  If you want your students to be writing things down while you teach, you may be considering recording an audio download instead of making a video. Video could actually be distracting if your student is writing while listening. Also, if you offer guided meditations in which you suggest visualisation, then again, an audio file will be less distracting than focussing on a video.

As well as her main e-course, in the past Denise Duffield-Thomas has offered a number of audio products, including audio books and guided meditations. Her current opt-in gift is a free audio download: The Truth About Your Money Blocks. She also repurposes her weekly YouTube videos as a podcast.

Audio Downloads as Passive Income

Denise’s creations are all passive income products, allowing her to work part-time and spend more time with her young family. Here are three ways she uses audio recordings to work smarter, not harder:

  • To appeal to students with different learning styles
  • To create low-cost affordable products, such as audio books and guided meditations
  • To repurpose existing content for other platforms

When I met Denise after her speaking gig I was in a long queue of women waiting to get their books signed, so I only had a few moments to ask her a question.

“Do you record all of your audio yourself or do you get some done professionally in a studio?”

“A bit of both really,” She replied.

I’m guessing she might record an audio book professionally in a studio, because the buyer is going to be listening for a good few hours, and will be expecting it to be very good quality. However, good quality guided meditations, with background music can be made very easily at home. I show you how in my e-course Monetise Your MP3s.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What kind of audio recording would work for your business? Have Denise’s products given you any ideas?

Denise will be in London this Saturday 29th April 2017 with The Money Mindset Tour.

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