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Hey you – let’s make passive income by selling audio downloads!

Peggy MelmothPeggy Melmoth is an artistic, holistic entrepreneur and an expert in sound recording on a budget. She helps entrepreneurs to leverage their time, by adding audio recordings as a passive income stream to their businesses.

Peggy is also an award winning blogger and entrepreneur who has been manifesting the fudge out of shizzle since 2011. Peggy has previously been known as Agent Pegworth the performance poet, Peggy Fussell the hypnotherapist and Peggy Melmoth the narrowboat wife. She now teaches simple sound-recording to entrepreneurs, and is considering changing her name to The Special Sorceress of Sound.

“If you want to create a voice recording but have a limited budget and limited time, check out Create an Audio Download in 60 Minutes or Less. I’ve also created a free e-course to help you kick-start your life and find your special sauce, called How to Get What You Want, and Want What You Get. (That’s free as well!)

I also run a six week self-study programme online, called Monetise Your MP3s. Read some of the success stories from women who are already selling their sounds here: Monetise Your MP3s.

Whichever e-course you choose first I know that you’re going to love all the business tips, techie tips and holistic resources I’ve got for you, that come served up as podcasts, audio lessons, articles and videos.

Welcome to Monetise Your MP3s!”



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Create Your First Audio Download in Just 60 Minutes
Free Masterclass + Get techie tips & biz advice to sell your sounds.

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