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Are you a writer or entrepreneur who wants to create voice recordings and audio downloads without paying for a professional studio?

  • Want to create a voice recording?
  • Limited budget?
  • Limited time?
  • Overwhelmed with online information?

Create an Audio Download in 60 Minutes or less!

In this free 10-minute class, I’ll show you:

  • How to record an audio file using your smartphone
  • What other equipment you need (it only costs £5 / $7!)
  • What to say or record
  • How to add an image to your track
  • How to upload your recording to share it with your fans or customers

I’ll share the step-by-step process I use to get a recording up on the internet, quickly, with no fuss and no fancy equipment, so that you can easily offer audio content to your audience today!

Sherry Fae“I loved your video! It flowed beautifully. Great description, instruction, and demonstration.  I actually forgot about my iPhone being able to record audio, much less being aware of what I could do with it. So, this was wonderful. I was very impressed at the time you put into it and the quality of it.  It’s packed with value and does give people a great introduction to who you are and what you do.” – Sherry Frey, Self-Discovery Artist, and author of The Color Energy eBook


Peggy Melmoth“I was once techno-phobic and hated computers! Now I quickly create podcasts, poems, meditations, and interviews for your artistic, holistic life, using only my smartphone.”

Listen to my recordings on SoundCloud.

Peggy Melmoth – Author of the e-Course Monetise Your MP3s




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