Massage for Your Mind

Keep Calm and Kick-Ass!

Massage for your Mind (6)Increase your inner peace and build up your confidence with this powerful audio download.

Do you constantly battle with anxiety and self-doubt?

Do you suffer from overthinking?

Do you want to finally get connected to the real you?

Congratulations! You just found the simple solution!

In less than 20 minutes you can be more mentally calm and physically relaxed

  • Boost your confidence fast – with powerful self-hypnosis
  • Get more competent at the things that are important to you
  • Enjoy better quality sleep from this day onwards
  • Be the you that you know you are meant to be.



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Written and recorded by professional hypnotherapist Peggy Melmoth

Powerful hypnotic language that appeals directly to your subconscious mind

Experience a dream-like state and powerful therapy techniques

Includes bespoke music composed specifically for this recording

Recharge your mental and physical energy in less than 20 minutes


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  • Reveals how to know if you are really in hypnosis
  • Discover the secrets of stage hypnosis and understand how this MP3 is different


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Peggy MelmothPeggy Melmoth BA(Hons) D.Hyp created Massage for Your Mind as a result of her years of experience working with individual clients on a one to one basis as a clinical hypnotherapist in London, England.

Chill out with this 20 minute confidence-boost and grant yourself the serenity to be the real you.

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Become more mentally calm, physically relaxed, confident and competent at the things that are important to you.

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