Cartoon Commission: The WitchCrafter

WitchCrafter in circleMy latest cartoons seem to have a magical theme given that the last one I did was a Diesel Wizard and this one is a witch! Narrowboater Ronni Payne provides bespoke decorative ropework to meet your needs, from bell ropes to belts, tiller tassels to curtain tie backs. In fact, if it’s made of rope, she can make it!

If you don’t live aboard (like Ronni does) you can still add a nautical feel to your home with stylish light pulls, curtain tie backs and more. She spends her days cruising the British canals and rivers as a roving canal trader, making and selling her creations. She also sells her wares at festivals around the country as well as online at The WitchCrafter Shop.

Ronni wanted a headshot cartoon to use on Facebook. I drew a couple of preliminary sketches, and when she’d chosen her favourite I tidied it up and added some colour.

Contact me for bespoke logos and artwork, such as wedding invitations, birthday gifts, and cartoons of your friends and family. Or check out the cartoons on my postcards, greeting cards, mugs and gifts in my School of Special Sauce art gallery.

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