How to List-Build Like Marie Forleo

htgayw-sticky-slideMarie Forleo is a gorgeous and sassy life coach, author, and YouTube TV presenter. She is also the creator of B-School, an online training program that teaches online marketing strategies: So Marie knows her stuff when it comes to building an email list.

At the time of writing her current opt-in offer, or “lead magnet” is an audio download. Have you thought about using an audio recording as an opt-in offer? Here are five awesome lessons we can learn from Marie about list building.

1) Use a Pop Up Form With Exit Intent

Say what?! This just means that your offer to join your email list will pop up just as your reader is planning to leave your website. If you use WordPress there are a number of exit intent pop ups available as plug ins for your site. (Just ask Google, or your online friends what are the best plug ins for exit intent.)

Marie’s pop up grabs the reader’s attention with her signature catch-phrase and immediately cites the benefits of listening to her audio;

“Before you go, remember… you deserve a business and life you love. This free audio will help. Learn 3 simple strategies that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to build your dreams, on your terms.”

Note that her button doesn’t say “sign up” or “opt in” but she has gone for the much more friendly and appealing “Yes please!”

2) Add an Image

Marie’s image shows the audio displayed on an iPhone with headphones – this makes the audio download seem more tangible – you can instantly imagine yourself listening to it.

3) Showcase the Benefits

Reiterate the benefits of your audio in the sign-up window. Instead of calling it an audio download Marie calls it “free audio training” when she asks you to enter your email address. This tells you a little bit about the benefits of listening – you will be trained by this audio!

4) Create a Welcome Email

A welcome email has an 86% higher than normal open rate with a 196% click through rate according to SocialMouths. In this first email remind the reader what you’ll be sending. Yes, the reader wants the free download but Marie’s welcome email confirms that they will also be receiving “actionable wisdom, inspiration, and some pretty darn entertaining videos” from her.

5) Deliver Something Good!

Make sure your audio file is awesome! Marie’s audio training is about an hour long and is packed full of value, delivered in Marie’s fun presentation style, with actionable steps throughout the recording. The listener finishes the session feeling full of optimism having focused on their own unique talents and strengths. The important thing to note here is not the length of the recording, but the outcome that the listener experiences. Did they learn something new? Did they take action? Or did they get more relaxed with your meditation?

Don’t get hung up on being technically perfect. You can create a decent audio download with your smart phone in less than an hour. Your opt-in could be just one three minute recording, a mini meditation or a bundle of micro-lessons. Join my audio download challenge today and I’ll show you how to get a recording up on the internet, quickly, with no fuss and no fancy equipment, in 60 minutes or less.

Now I’d like to hear from you. If you offered an audio download as a ‘lead magnet’ to build your email list what would it be? An audio lesson, a meditation, a poem or something else? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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