How to Find Your Special Sauce

happy-in-the-laneTo many entrepreneurs, “secret sauce” or “special sauce” has come to mean the thing that your business does that is unique, different, and special. If you’re a solopreneur then it may be that you and your own individual talents are your unique selling point. So if you’re a holistic, or artistic entrepreneur, what is it that you do – or could do – that is unique, different, and special?

Here are three ways to find your own special sauce.

1) What hobby, activity or school subject did you love to do as a child?

Before you had to make a living, when you had more freedom to do what you love, what was that one thing that you did?

2) Which activities makes you lose track of time?

If you get really into the “flow” and forget how long you’ve been doing one activity, it could be that it’s one of your natural gifts.

3) What do you daydream about?

If you couldn’t fail, what would you be? Got more than one passion? See if you can combine them into one quirky, unique idea. Or just pick one and start doing it. You won’t find out what’s right for you until you start doing it.

For example, I had day-dreamed about being a hypnotherapist since I first read about hypnosis in my late-teens. Eventually in my late twenties I retrained as a hypnotherapist and ran my private practice, part-time, for about six years. Then I got married and had a family and tried out some other career paths; but my point is that I never really knew what being a hypnotherapist was like, until I tried it.

So, take action: Pick one of your talents or hobbies and integrate it into your current business. Or think about what it is that you could do that is different, (what your secret sauce is), and brand your business around that. Or, start a blog or open an Etsy shop that allows you to showcase your talent.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What is the ONE thing you can do today to kick-start the life you always wanted? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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