Question: Are You a Sensitive Soul or a Solo-Preneur?

Should you combine your passions or just choose one? Are you part sensitive-artist, part kick-ass solopreneur? Are you a free spirit or a freelancer? Are you having trouble deciding on which micro-niche to focus on in your business?

If you struggle with being multi-passionate you are not alone. Today I’m going to share two awesome business tips to help you out with this, and then I have an important question for you. (Skip to the end if you just want the question straight away!)

I have a passion for art, animation, singing, sound recording, performance poetry, hypnotherapy, narrowboats, writing and blogging! When I first started my freelance blogging business I already had a tiny micro-niche – I wrote about UK canals and narrowboating. This happened because I’d already built an online presence with a personal blog, The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife. (I was the narrowboat wife with the narrowboat niche!) When I began studying online business, I kept reading that choosing a micro-niche or a specialist area was so important if you want to be successful.

So, how do you pick just one thing to focus on? The simple answer is to stop deliberating and start doing! Take action in one direction and see how that feels to you. Over-thinking a decision will leave you stuck in your business – or worse leave you not starting a business at all! Ask yourself, in five years’ time, will I regret not having tried this?

Once you are focussing on just one thing it doesn’t mean that you’re ignoring your other interests. You can mention your other passions in your ‘About’ page; they’re what make you human, and they help like-minded readers to identify with you. Celebrate your individuality!

My second tip is that it’s easier to start with a very small niche, and then expand on that later, than to start with a broad range of topics and narrow down afterwards. Don’t try to do too many things at once.

Now, I have a confession to make. I have made this exact mistake, so I hope that you can learn from me! I created a website called The School of Special Sauce, for holistic, artistic entrepreneurs. I wanted to offer personal development resources, poetry, and cartoons. I thought if you were artistic, and holistic (like me) you also might want to record and sell your poetry, hypnotherapy, meditations and audio lessons, so I created an e-course called Monetise Your MP3s.

I’m excited to be sharing today that I’ve found a solution to my multi-passionate muddle! The School of Special Sauce has been renamed Monetise Your MP3s and will focus on sound recording, biz tips and passive income. Personal development, poetry and cartoons will be going to live in a secret location: A quirky and colourful new world (website!) to be revealed at a later date.


So here’s my question:


How can I help you the most?


When you click on your answer you’ll be taken straight to the sign-up page for a fantastic free e-course that is perfectly suited to you!


I’m a sensitive soul! I want to use my creativity to kick-start my life, and I also want you to tell me when you launch the new website of quirky poems and cartoons.


I’m an entrepreneur! I want to become a Mistress of MP3s and add an easy passive income stream to my business.


Help! I’m multi-passionate! Please don’t make me choose!

I want the personal development stuff with cartoons and poetry, but I also want to make passive income by selling MP3s! (You will need to click on both links above.)

If none of these apply, just leave me a comment below, and let me know what you’re looking for.


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