Ever Fallen in Love With Your #Addictions?

So, this is Episode Two of a series of poetry videos, called Poetry With Peg. If you’ve ever struggled between two choices in your head, your greed battling your will, or your reason wrestling with your passion, then this poem is for you!


I’m in two minds

Within my head

Greed versus my will

In my two minds

I must discuss

My addictions still


Reason and passion

Agree a decision!

Two voices in my head it’s

With reason that

I do agree

And not these die hard habits.


How so persuasive?

Much they promise

Yet still back where I started

Once more invite

These dear obsessions

To be the dear departed


And when they’re gone

Would they be missed

Like a lover leaving bed?

Or would I miss

These soul vampires

Like holes within my head?!

(c) Peggy Pegworth

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Now it’s your turn. Can you write a really tiny poem about your passions or addictions right now? Leave me a comment below!

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