My addictions left me – and this happened.

I’d like to introduce you to the thrilling sequel to my poem about addictions. That poem described the struggle between the two choices in my head, my greed battling my will, and my reason wrestling with my passion; but what happened next?


Coffee Morning


So, you’ve heard about addictions,

Those dastardly afflictions,

How I needed them to breathe,

How they promised not to leave…

Well they left me, in the morning,

They left me without warning,

They left me waking up,

With my coffee cup.

Cocaine was out of line to desert in such quick time,

Valium declared that it never really cared,

The dragon they call puff, just said he’d had enough,

And acid without a doubt, just spun itself out.

Cigarettes defeated, hastily retreated,

Got away did ketamine, shot away with heroin,

And ecstasy was rushing, like it was on a mission,

Gurning, gathered speed, and followed with amphetamine.

Another coffee swallowed, as I watched them followed,

By cocktails I am shaken, jilted and forsaken,

And with codeine and morphine excluded from my routine,

I died that coffee morning, from an overdose of caffeine.


(c) Peggy Pegworth


Listen to more free poems here: Lethal Cocktails (Digital Album)


Now I’d like to hear from you. Can you write a really short poem about your passions or addictions right now? Have your addictions left you? Leave me a comment below!

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