7 Unexpected Gifts for You!

free-stuffThank you so much for reading my blog this year. The School of Special Sauce has covered business tips, holistic resources, poetry, cartoons, podcasts and sound recording; because that’s the kind of multi-passionate, creative dangerchick I am!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, I must have something here on my Christmas list for you. So help yourself to whatever takes your fancy from the seven special saucy gifts for you!

For Artistic, or Holistic Entrepreneurs

My video Class Create an Audio Download in 60 Minutes or Less shows you how to make voice recordings without paying for a professional studio. If you’re a writer, let your work reach more people by repurposing your content as audio downloads. This gift is perfect for bloggers and artistic or holistic entrepreneurs.

For Personal Development

I continue to get great feedback for my free e-Course How to Get What You Want and Want What you Get If you battle with anxiety and self-doubt, and want to get reconnected to the real you, this course is for you.

I wrote the e-Course Think Yourself Happy – 10 Simple Ideas That Really Work with my brother Rich, a young stroke survivor. It includes a free meditation download and printable, inspirational posters.

The free MP3 download How to Manifest the Fudge out of Shizzle in 5 Minutes is for people who don’t have time to meditate in the morning!

For Narrowboaters

Whether you’re intrigued at the thought of living aboard or fancy the idea of a narrowboat holiday my 13 years of living on English canal boats has resulted in these three e-books.

e-Book Narrowboat Families

e-Book Living on a Boat

e-Book Selling a Boat: The Ultimate Guide


Have fun with these gifts, and I’ll be back next year with more special sauce for your artistic, holistic life!


Create Your First Audio Download in Just 60 Minutes
Free Masterclass + Get techie tips & biz advice to sell your sounds.

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