Listen to This! Poetry Mixed With Jazz, Vodka, & Techno-House

Following on from my debut sLethal Cocktail Peggy Pegworthingle, Cardigan, (folk-pop) I’m pleased to announce the release of an album of my poetry mixed with jazz, wine, vodka, paraffin and techno-house.

I wrote about narrowboats, addictions, fire spinning and failed love affairs when I was a performance poet in London, and I was part of a poetry gang called The Radge Poets.

Here’s what you can expect to hear:

“Agent Pegworth is accompanied by jazz piano as she arrests a citizen for loving without due care and attention and then reveals the secrets of The Dangerchix. The Theakletuffin Poem is a peculiar fairytale for grown-ups which investigates what happens when the Cumbleduffinbing is caught snibbledorping. Lethal Cocktail is a warning not to mix poetry and wine. Boat Rockin Weekend describes what happened when the Dangerchix arrived in Camden on a narrowboat with vodka and paraffin (for fire spinning) and God’s Garden is a house-music journey to a free party in a field somewhere in the 1990’s.”

The title track, ‘Lethal Cocktail’ is based on the night I got drunk with a dark, handsome poet after Poetry Unplugged open mic night, and one thing lead to another…

Listen Now

Lethal Cocktail

I’ve been dedicated to research

In search of the ultimate high

Testing various cocktails

And there’s one you shouldn’t try.



Wine before beer

Will make you feel queer

Take your beer before the wine

And you’ll feel just fine



And they say never mix

The grapes and the grains

Take it shaken not stirred

And drink it like James.



But some can mix drinks

Like others mix beats

So it ain’t just wine

That’ll lose your sleeps.



It starts with some wine

Maybe just a droplet

And then a fine rhyme

Maybe just a couplet.


But it always leads to the harder stuff

And just one verse is never enough

A cheeky sonnet, just one for the road

But take it with wine and it’s overload.


So to make you feel better

You share it with a friend

Unaware he’s gonna come

To a lyrical end


He swallows it down

Like a vintage barrel

Now he’s making up words

Like a proper Lewis Carroll.


Soon you’re knocking back literary volumes

And waking up speechless in libraries and bedrooms

You can’t remember the words that were said

That went straight to your poetical head.


It’s a dangerous mix and you’ve had your warnings

But when you’ve had to write off too many Monday mornings

And some decadent poet offers you a line

Just think twice about mixing poetry, and wine.

(c) Peggy Pegworth

Music by Hamilton Lee.

Listen to the whole album here: Lethal Cocktails, or buy now for £7.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Have you ever thought of mixing your poetry with music? If you could start small and just pick one poem, which of your poems would you release as an audio download? Grab my free training today if you want to try making a simple voice recording without spending any money!

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